Monday’s w/ Craigery x 2.

While on tour, sometimes things can get pretty hectic, and overwhelming. I decided to fly home for less than 24 hours to clear my head a bit / get a taste of normalcy then head back out to Houston to meet up with the tour. Well, unfortunately this landed on my Monday w/ Craigery day. So, today, I will be making up for it by suggesting two bands / songs that chaged my life at one point, and hopefully will do the same for you and yours.

Now I know that all of you older hardcore hipsters out there will call this one out fairly quickly. As this band were fairly popular in the underground hardcore scene a while back - who then branched off to create beautiful new projects that are worshipped by hipsters everywhere. 

Anyways, I believe that I was in 10th or 11th grade, and a good friend of mine by the name of Tanner and I went to go see a band called “Murder City Devils” at St Andrews Hall in Detroit, whom I was in love with at the time. However, the entire drive the one band that he couldn’t stop ranting about was a band called “Botch”. They were opening the show that night. After seeing Botch perform, I was more than convinced, and so began my downward mudslide into the dirty, technical hardcore world of metal meets hardcore. This is a band that today has since broken up, but you know your favorite “heavy” (sub-genres are stupid and limitless) band of today? Well this is the band that inspired THIER favorite bands which slowly snowballed into today’s.. well, for a lack of a better word and without coming across too crass or snobby “unoriginal” sound of hardcore / metal.

I highly suggest that you first listen to the track “Saint Matthew Returns To The Womb” from the album “We Are The Romans”. Follow that with a track called “Framce” from thier “An Anthology Of Dead Ends” EP which showcases thier more mature / tighter sounding maturity, and has riffs that will give you at least a “semi”. Links to both songs are below, including links to purchase the records.


Listen to: “Saint Matthew Returns To The Womb” - Video -

Listen to: “Framce” -

Purchase either Botch album over at -


While we’re at it, I am going to suggest the band I originally went to that concert for “The Murder City Devils”. Let me put it this way.. if it wasn’t for this band - I couldn’t see Chiodos mastering the dark synth the that way we decided to, and I would be half the frontman I am today if it weren’t for Spencer’s (singer) stage antics. I am not sure there was a point during the show where he didn’t have the entire grill of the microphone INSIDE of his mouth, while still performing.. pure punk rock chaos, with some sort of dark charm to it. I suggest “Press Gang” for you keyboard nuts out there, but be prepared - once you start, you’re never coming back. Below is a link to the track, and a link to purchase the record…

Murder City Devils.

Listen to: “Press Gang” -

Purchase the record at the bottom of the page on link posted above.

Now quick, go listen - then brag to all of your friends how you found a new band that they will get ‘off’ on! 

Holler from Arizona, where old people reign, and if you were on just the right amount of acid.. you could trick yourself into thinking that you were literally on the planet Mars.

From Mars,


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